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When will it be completed the game?

At the moment we can’t say a definite release date yet, there are many factors at play to be taken into account, including your feedback on the demo.

It is our duty to take the time to give you the best.

What platforms will it be released on?

We plan to release the game on major platforms: PC and Next Generation Consoles.

As for early access to the game, at the moment we can only guarantee it on PC, however we will do our best to make it available on as many platforms as possible.

What game views will be available?

Triade miR-941 will adopt first and third person view, it will be the player to choose the favorite.

For reasons of gameplay and immersion, we have decided to adopt the automatic choice of the view in certain environments: can you imagine walking around a ventilation shaft in the third person? It would be really uncomfortable and not very immersive.

In any case, based on your requests, we will evaluate whether to insert an option to deactivate the automatic selection mode. Let us know 🙂

What are the minimum requirements?

At present we cannot yet give precise details on the requirements for the PC version.

In any case we want to be honest and consistent: despite all the possible technical optimizations that can be implemented, our goal is to produce a video game in step with the times that knows how to make the most of the technologies available on the current market. Consequently, Triade miR-941 will not run on laptops (except recent gaming models) and low end PCs.

By our choice, we prefer to please fewer gamers rather than disappoint everyone.

But don’t despair: it will obviously be possible to set many parameters to make the most of the hardware you own and we will certainly NOT require an RTX-2080ti or equivalent;)

We will update you on this topic as we go!