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Dev Team

The heart of PIXOFAMILY Game Studios

Gloria Canclini - Game Designer

The passion for imaginary themes related to science, with unexpected characters more or less plausible about society, accompanied me to give life to the Triade miR-941 project. The main idea is to propose this theme in the video game, involving the player to deal with completely unexpected situations, abandoning himself to doubts and uncertainties of what really surrounds him. The involvement and enthusiasm of my family in the proposal to produce the video game made the development of Triade miR-941 concrete. Sensitive and with a strong creative talent, my goal is to make a unique video game.

Gian Luca Sacco - Lead Developer

As a video game enthusiast from an early age, after having gained extensive professionalism in programming and 3D graphics, I decided to immerse myself completely in video game development, collaborating on the idea developed by Gloria. Thanks to video games I discovered a stimulating programming technique that requires an extremely complex technical process, but which has led me to expand my knowledge. Terribly stubborn and determined to face any challenge, I am convinced that Triade miR-941 will be able to show excellent results not only in design but also in the technical sector.

We bring
dreams to life

Everything you can do, or dream of being able to do, begins with getting started to achieve a goal.
Furthermore, being able to involve and meet other professionals in the sector in this process extends quality and efficiency to what we are doing.
Triade miR-941 has all the credentials for success if shared together, reaching the finish line faster.


Risks and challenges

Open World video games are great games with complex and layered mechanisms and components. They are definitely complicated to create and there are many risks involved in their development. We have tried to minimize these risks by selecting the technologies we have tested and bringing together a strong collaboration with several external collaborators with proven experience. The biggest risk for us would be to lag behind the schedule and release the game later than expected. We have developed a well-defined strategy to prevent such an outcome, detailed game documentation, clearly defined goals to be achieved, etc. But video games require a great deal of research and development, especially those who want to innovate, and no one can foresee all the potential possibilities or problems during that process. Our most resource-intensive features are room management systems. These are mechanisms that we are implementing as professionally as possible but there are associated risks. We may run into implementation problems running such systems and should work around them. The good thing is that we have strong financial support, which greatly mitigates any chance of running out of money before completing our project, even if unforeseen obstacles arise during development. Additionally, in the potential event where we are forced by such time constraints to remove certain features from the game in order to meet our release date and stay on a budget, we would most likely be able to include those features through a later patch or new act of the game.